Operation Transformation and Foróige Ireland have teamed up this year to promote both Physical Exercise  and Mental Health with their ‘WALK AND TALK’ campaign, and Lackagh Foróige are behind them 100% with this one .

This started on Sunday the 13th but its not too late to join in over the next six weeks. The walks take place three evenings a week. The idea is to walk 5 laps of the track as a group chatting along the way ( no headphones please, the idea is to get us all chatting as we walking). We invite both members and Parents and the wider community to join us and we will accumulate everyone’s distances and see if over the next 6 weeks we can equal the distance of one person “walking to Boston” so everyone record your activities and let us know how you getting on over the next 6 weeks . As always thank you for your support.


Sundays 18:30 – Knockdoemore

Wednesdays 19:30 – Knockdoemore

Thursdays 19:30 – Knockdoemore

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