The Green Club Programme was established to support Gaelic Games clubs in taking simple and effective sustainability action in their grounds and activities. The Programme is structured around the themes of Energy, Water, Waste, Biodiversity and Travel & Transport and is designed to promote sustainability awareness and action in GAA clubs and communities.

While we have done some work in this area in the past number of years, a committee has been established to formulate and implement a plan to attain Green Club status.

We have started planning the next steps and we need your opinions and suggestions on how to shape this plan!

-We published a survey to all members in January – the results of which will be published here shortly.

-Below you will find a high level plan for our potential steps.

Further details on the green club programme are here:

Check back to this page as it will be updated over the coming weeks with further information on our Green Club efforts.







-Generator Fuel

-Pitch Lights

-Walkway and Carpark Lighting

-Clubhouse Energy Use

–Water Heating

–Pumps and Lights

-Clubhouse Heating


-Lakeview Electricity

–Pitch Lighting

-Lakeview Fuel


-Tractor Fuel



-Single Use Plastics

-Coffee Cup Waste

-Clothing and Sports Ware

–Sports Ware Swap

–Charity Shops

-Drinking Water Refill Station

-Other Waste

-Tree Planting/Maintenance

-Mini Woodland on Site Borders

-Environmentally Friendly Car Park (Grass and Hardcore)

-Wild plants promotion in designated areas

-Cycle/Walk to Training.

–Bicycle Shelter

-Car Pool to Match/Training

-Member Mileage Tracking/Review Progress

-Electric Car Promotion/Chargers

-Useage Control

-Water Harvesting

-Pitch Maintenance