Rescheduled Club EGM Wednesday May 25th 8:30 Knockdoemore


The EGM scheduled for Tuesday the 24th of May has been moved to Wednesday the 25th of May at 8:30PM in the Knockdoemore Clubhouse as there is an event on in Knockdoemore on the 24th.

Claregalway GAA is calling an EGM for Wednesday May 25th 2022 @ 8:30pm in our Knockdoemore clubhouse

All members are encouraged to attend.


  1. Report from the Club Development PlanReview Committees on Knockdoemore, Lakeview and Finance.
  2. Summary of Revised Development Plan 2022- 2030. (Phasing Facilities and Financial Implications).
  3. Adoption/approval of the Club Development Plan.
  4. Approval of KDM and Lakeview Trustees for the Proposed Development Plan.
  5. Appointment of Sub- Committees to advance Club Development Plan – Charity Trust Committee, Financial Oversight Committee -Loans & Expenditure, Fund Raising & Promotion Committee, Grant Aid Committee (All Properties). KDM & Lakeview Development Committee.
  6. AOB.

If you are a full member but are unable to attend and wish to vote you may ask the Secretary to vote on your behalf – if you wish to do this please email the text below to to secretary.claregalway.galway@gaa.ie

Proxy nomination Claregalway GAA EGM ;

I am aware of the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting of Claregalway GAA club at Knockdoemore on 25th May 2022 at 8:30 pm and I have seen the agenda for same.

Unfortunately I cannot attend on that date. Please accept this email as a request that the club secretary vote on my behalf.

(Member Name)

Alan Moran


Claregalway GAA

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