• Adult: Be over 16 years.
  • Under-21: Be Under 21 years and Over 16 years.
  • Minor (Under 18): Be Under 18 years and Over 14 years.
  • Under 16: Be Under 16 years and Over 12 years.
  • Under 14: Be Under 14 years and Over 10 years.
  • Under 12: Be Under 12 years and Over 9 years.
  • To be “Under” an age shall mean that the player shall celebrate the Upper Limit birthday (e.g. 21st. for Under 21 Grade) on the 1st. January of the Championship Year or on a later date.  To be “Over” an age shall mean that the player shall have celebrated the Lower Limit birthday (e.g. 16th. to participate in Senior/Under 21 Grades) prior to the 1st. January of the Championship Year.
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