Claregalway GAA EuroMillions Syndicate

Claregalway GAA are running a EuroMillions Syndicate to raise funds to support player development in all sections of the club. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Claregalway Day Care Centre.

What is a Euro Millions Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of individuals who play the lottery together. By pooling their money and buying multiple tickets collectively, players increase their chance of winning a lottery draw and share any winnings between them. In the UK and Ireland, 1 in 5 of top game prizes across Lotto and EuroMillions are won by syndicates.

How much is it?

Each one-off €20 entry will entitle you to 1 share of any winnings subject to the terms and conditions (below). You can buy as many entries/shares as you want. €20 is the cost for one year.

How does it work?

You buy an entry to the syndicate, either via our ticket sellers or online (as below).

Prior to the first draw on the 04th of May 2021, 6 lines (made up of 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars) are picked. These 6 lines of numbers will be played in every Euromillions draw (Tuesday and Friday) until the final draw on the 29th of April 2022.

The numbers will be published on this page.

Purchase Options

Credit/Debit Card:
You will receive an email receipt of your purchase.

Tickets are currently for sale by club members.

Can I win and how?

The Syndicates numbers will be entered in both the Euro Millions draw, Euro Millions Plus draw and the €5,000 raffle every Tuesday and Friday from the first draw on the 4th of May 2021 to the final draw on the 29th of April 2022.

All prizes won from the draws will be divided between the lucky syndicate members. See terms & conditions (below).

Where is the money going?

The money is going to support player development within each section of the club – Ladies, Mens and Juvenile.

Who can buy a ticket(s)?

The draw is open to everyone. Go to purchase options above and follow the instructions to purchase one or more tickets. You can also buy for a family member or friend.

How else can I help?

It would be great if you could share the link to this page with your friends and have them join the syndicate too. We’d hate to see someone miss out!

We greatly appreciate your support.

Time Until The First Draw
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1. The Syndicate will enter each Euromillions draw, starting on Tuesday May 4th 2021 and the final draw is on Friday April 29th 2022.

2. Purchase of a €20 ticket entitles you to one share in the syndicate.

3. You must be 18 years of age or over to become a member of the syndicate.

4. The Syndicate entry will be a 6-line ticket to the main Euromillions draw and Euromillions Plus draw.

5. Numbers will be drawn at a launch in compliance with current Covid-19 restrictions.

6. Numbers drawn will be the numbers for the full year.

7. All entries must be returned to the committee by 11:59pm (GMT) Monday 3rd May 2021

8. The first €1,000 of all winnings will be donated to Claregalway Day Care Centre.

9. In the event that the syndicates winnings do not reach the charity pay-out threshold above, the club will donate the balance from tickets sales to ensure a €1,000 pay-out is available to  Claregalway Day Care Centre.

10. In the event of total winnings above the charity pay-out of €1,000 they will be dealt with as outlined here. If the total amount over the charity pay-out is:

a. €400 – €1,999.99 it will be raffled amongst all syndicate members with 20 winners receiving an equal amount

b. €2,000 – €9,999.99 but still equates to less than €20 per syndicate members, it will be raffled amongst all syndicate  members with 40 winners receiving an equal amount.

c. Any amount greater than €10,000 but still equates to less than €20 per syndicate members, it will be raffled amongst all syndicate members with 80 winners receiving an equal amount.

11. Numbers and any winnings will be detailed to members via club webpage/social media/Newsletter etc.

12. Winnings of over €1,000 per syndicate member in any single draw will be paid within a month, otherwise winnings will be paid after the final draw.

13. Claregalway GAA Euromillions syndicate committee decision on all matters is final.

14. The proceeds of funds raised will be spent on player development in the club to be decided by the Club Executive.