The Recycle Bin Challenge!

While these are unusal times to say the least, and we are restricted in what we can do, we can make the most of this time spent with the people close to us.

A number of activities kicked off on some of the Juvenile whatsapp groups over the past few weeks, all for a bit of fun and all to help keep the kids entertained and somewhat active, indeed even the adults can get involved!

The Under 9’s (who were due to start back training on Sunday the 22nd) have been doing the recycle bin challenge with the help of their parents. It’s a fun game where the kids get the ball into the recycle bin from any distance and “challenge” someone else in the group to do the challenge. We’ve had over 60 videos with mostly the kids getting involved and challenging others in the group to do it.

Other groups have similiar challanges going on, all for a bit of fun, to help with a skill or to keep everyone occupied or just for a bit of fun.

Try to keep active, to keep the mind positive and to do everything within the States protocols and hopefully we will get out the other end of this sooner rather than later.


A very small selection of videos below (permission received from all relevant parties):



Some of the more competitive coaches couldnt help getting involved!



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