We wanted to thank those of you that have responded to our call for positive support to supplement the democratic votes that have been taken over the years to both instigate and reiterate the need for this project.

If you have already shown your support – thank you – have the other adults in your household also shown their support?

This project will not succeed if the community does not demonstrate their support and commitment. Have you discussed this project with family, friends, neighbours, club members etc and encouraged them to show their support as well? This is the time to act. Do not the let the minority dictate to the majority and to deny the Club and young families the facilities required for the future.
Do not assume that “someone else” will do it.

Click on the link below now, fill in your details and get the other adults in your household to do the same. It takes less than 3 minutes.


The link will close this coming Saturday at 12 pm.

In addition to reiterating their support for the project a number of supporters have chosen to leave additional comments. You will see a small selection of these below:

Further information on the project is available here:

Thanks as ever for your continuing support.

Please act now.

Claregalway GAA



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