Dear Member,

July saw our pitches open for training. There has been a gradual return to internal leagues and competitive action. After a long patient wait, our fields are filled again with that sweetest of all sounds- the sound of our Children, Youth and Adults at play!  Let the banter, the fun  and the action continue. You all deserve a wonderful season. I’m sure you and yours, can’t wait!

Let us as a club begin, by thanking all those in the front line who helped us to stay safe, who nursed those who were ill, who helped us through as a Club and as a Community. We all have had time to reflect. I think we will all emerge from this thankful for our blessings of good health. Thankful for family and neighbours, more appreciative of friends, so lucky that we live in Claregalway.

Our club too has been hit by the virus. Thankfully not in terms of death or serious illness but where all voluntary organisations are most vulnerable, economically. More than two thirds of our annual funding comes from our teenage Disco, the weekly club fundraising  and other social fund raising events. Our generous local businesses, who support us through thick and thin, face huge challenges of their own, in restoring their viability. In 2020, it will be a case of the Club and Community supporting them. Please support our sponsors as often and as much as you can. Truly, they never needed you more.

Added to this, we have embarked on the completion of works in Knockdoemore where more than €250,000 will be spent on completing pitch 3 with drainage and lighting, pitch Fencing, Dug outs and Shelters on all three pitches, Tar-mac and the extension of the Walkway and Park lighting. While this development work is heavily supported by Public funding and Grant -Aid. The grants and funding will only be received when we have completed the works and show proof of payment. If we do not carry out the works, we will not receive any funding. We were a little surprised but greatly heartened recently, when we consulted with our Officers, Coaches and different sections of the Club on this issue and the overwhelming response was to “Press on with the development of these facilities and with the preplanning phases of the Lakeview all-weather facility”. Those who coach children and youth in particular, were adamant that we continue to provide facilities that will give maximum access to future generations and expression to the talents of our children, youth and young adults. Boys and Girls, Men and Women – they all deserve the best that we can give them.

Accordingly, despite the shorter season, the club has taken the decision to leave the membership for 2020 at previous rates. To those who have already paid and registered, Thank you. We would ask those who can manage to pay, to pay the full amount of membership or annual pledges, as soon as you can. You can log on to the Club-Force  link, register and make payment directly or avail of the instalment options. The clubs firm policy of “everyone plays” no matter what the economic circumstances will continue to apply.  We are also keenly aware that the Pandemic has impacted heavily on some families, more than others, depending on their sector of employment or business. Please register immediately, avail of the instalment options, for however long you need or contact any club officer discretely. What we are asking is that you all do your best as you always do. Pay as much as you can, when you can. It is for you to decide. The promotional tops for 2020 will be available as soon as you have registered and paid. Rest assured that no player will be denied the opportunity to play for any economic reason in these challenging times. We need and cherish you all.

Finally, can we as a club compliment our children and youth. They are always fantastic in our eyes but through the Pandemic, have given up so much without complaint or disorder. They are truly exceptional, an inspiration to us all and parents should be rightly proud of them.

Ni Neart go cuir le cheile,
John Morrin
Claregalway GAA Club

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