Revive Active Proudly Sponsoring Claregalway GAA

Revive Active, a Galway super supplement company are delighted to be official sponsors of Claregalway GAA and are looking forward to working with the club for the coming season.

Revive Active was established in Galway in 2011 with a vision to create, manufacture and market unique super supplements that make a real difference and enrich people’s lives.  The company now has 9 products on the market including Revive Active, Zest Active, Teen Revive and Junior Revive, has a dedicated Manufacturing Plant in Mullingar and employs 35 people.

The range of products provide multiple benefits which include immune support, energy, muscle recovery, heart health, joint aid and brain support.

Revive Active products are delivered in a powdered sachet that can be mixed in water, juice or even a smoothie.  Consuming the product in a liquid ensures that all the ingredients are consumed when active and helps the body absorbs the nutrients quickly and effectively giving the best results.  Our Junior Revive (5-12 year olds) and Teen Revive (13-19 year olds) are uniquely unflavoured and can also be added to yoghurts, cereal and milk.  This particularly helps parents with picky eaters!

Our products are formulated by scientists and nutritionists, using the best quality ingredients that work in synergy.  Our Junior Revive, Teen Revive and Zest Active products all contain an ingredient supplied by the Kerry Group called Wellmune which is a beta glucan that helps with muscle recovery and immune system support.

A number of local GAA Clubs are already enjoying the benefits of our products including Galway Camogie Girls, St. Thomas’ and Corofin.

“It is great to know my immune system is supported too, especially when it can be tested with a hectic training schedule.” Georoid McInerney, Galway Hurler


“It’s a brilliant product, it’s got numerous ingredients that help benefit me and give me extra energy, biggest thing I find about it is I haven’t gotten as sick as often.” Anthony Nash, Cork Hurler


Throughout the season members will be given the opportunity to samples our range of products and find our more about health and nutrition.  In the meantime check out www.reviveactive.com or visit  your local pharmacies in Claregalway and Lackagh to find out more.



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