Club EGM Wednesday May 25th 8:30 Knockdoemore

The club held an EGM on Wednesday the 25th of May.

As an outcome from the AGM earlier in the year, the club established a number of groups to review the 10 year development plan and plan out a development and financial path to improving club facilities based on the requirements of the club.

Following significant time and effort put in by the three groups established, reports were presented to those present at the EGM, questions were asked and answered and a vote on two motions were taken and unanimously ratified.

Subsequent to this a number of groups were setup to progress the plans. It is anticipated these groups will be added to over the coming weeks.


You will find the presentation given to the meeting below.

To summarise, subject to funding, the major aspects of the plan are:

-Developing a fourth juvenile grass pitch at Knockdoemore

-Developing an all-weather synthetic pitch at Knockdoemore.

-Finishing shelters, fencing and compound at Knockdoemore.

-Draining and enhancing the Juvenile (Small) pitch at Lakeview.

-Developing the main pitch at Lakeview to include the installation of;

  • Match-standard flood lighting as per current planning permission (before the expiry of such permission in 2025).
  • Well drained, high durability grass pitch with irrigation, fencing and limited terrace/viewing, the quality and technical spec of same which will be dictated by the outcome of Grant applications, borrowing and fund-raising efforts over the next 2 years ( 22/23).


The sequencing of the components above will be driven by finances and grant funding, however in the first instance work towards developing the fourth grass pitch in Knockdoemore will begin as soon as possible.


The motions that were ratified were:

  1. The expenditure of €800,000 on the Club’s KDM grounds subject to a technical Group being established ( comprising Volunteers and Professional Advisors) and the necessary borrowing, securities and Grants being sought and borrowing minimised to the best value for money attainable for the expenditure approved (+/- 10 % of the target budgets) without further authorisation.
  2. Lakeview (€600,000 estimated cost) proposal to be advanced, with the aim to redevelop Lakeview  to a grass/sand pitch.  Works to include the insertion of a new drainage system and the erection of lighting and fencing.   This facility to be capable of hosting training and matches for the Club and School.  It is envisaged the project will receive grant aid from one of the relevant grant aid schemes, but in the absence of such funding the club commits to erect the floodlighting attached to the current planning permission before it expires in early 2025 and the completion of the project within the lifetime of the Development Plan.


The finance committee gave an overview of the funding options that were available to the club in relation to the development plan. All avenues of funding have been explored and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the best value for money is achieved and the financial burden placed on the club is as low as possible.

Since the establishment of the club in 1968 significant decisions have been made at varying junctures and significant funds have been invested in facilities. First with the acquisition and development of Lakeview from 1978 and onwards and then again in 2009 with the acquisition and subsequent development of the Knockdoemore facility to what it is today.

The next phase of club development will see an investment of circa 1.4 million in Lakeview and Knockdoemore to deliver state of the art facilities for its’ members and the wider community.

There is no doubt that significant efforts are needed by the club and its members to raise the funding required over the coming years.

As a club we must rise to the challenge and put our shoulders to the wheel as many have done before us throughout the history of this great club.

Further information will be published over the coming weeks.



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