Update 29/03/2020:

Thanks to those of you that have responded.
We need to add some more people to the list of potential volunteers with the following;
A small core of people who will man phone numbers in the Day Care Centre centre 9am-5pm.
These volunteers will be taking and returning calls to the elderly who will need time to patiently go through their order/needs with them and generally chat to increase the interaction and reduce their sense of isolation..
They will then compile this order on a lap top and forward it by email to the Store of their choice and take any special requests such as Pharmacy.
There may be more volunteers out there who can do this from home ,once they have a mobile ,laptop, PC and email for diversion/acceptance of calls and requests – if you think this might suit you, please get in touch and we will let you know in due course.
We also need more Pickers/Dispatchers.
Pickers in the afternoon/evening hours will also be needed through the week.
If you’d like to register your interest in either of the above roles please email: secretary.claregalway.galway@gaa.ie with your mobile number, role, location and time preference.
Thanks again – please share.

Original Article:

You will be aware that yesterday (Friday the 27th March) the GAA nationally has launched the “Club Together” initiative with SuperValu+ Centra outlets across Ireland calling on GAA Clubs to assist with shopping and the distribution of Food to the Elderly and Health Care Workers in their area. Last night, Government has announced further measures restricting people to their homes and cocooning the elderly and vulnerable groups.

Locally, we are teaming up with Hughes and Flynns Supervalu stores and Raftery’s Centra. While they have coped well up to now, they are now completely stretched and are likely to be overwhelmed with requests for support in the coming days. Our local shops will be overwhelmed and our elderly and vulnerable will suffer. Claregalway GAA cannot let that happen on our watch!


We have spoken to those 3 local Stores over recent days and their requests are for Volunteers in the following area;

1.Order Pickers to do the shelf shopping.

2.Dispatch /Assembly Coordinators, to carry and stack orders for delivery

3.Delivery Drivers. Delivering goods to outside the houses

4.Vans/Suitable Vehicles which can be used for delivery. ( we already have 4 but may need more).

So that order picking can be done in a safe and efficient way, we are looking for Volunteers who might be familiar with weekly shopping and product lines or young people who have worked in retail in the past.(These are most needed from 7-10am when the shops are not busy and can observe safe distancing/hygiene practices). Dispatchers and Drivers just need a few hours each.

Volunteers should initially send their name, email address and mobile number to


together with the specific role/ area above in which you are willing to work, which store and with the approximate times/rota you can cover. You can view the times available on CLUB TOGETHER page on the club website – this will be updated with further information for volunteers and others as time goes on. CLUB TOGETHER

Further communications will be issued to those who volunteer over the coming days.

We must all play our part and fight for the protection of the vulnerable in our Community. When you become a Volunteer for this CLUB TOGETHER programme, you are becoming an important Social Carer in this fight. The front-line medics are doing their best already.

When your grandchildren ask You and your Club what you did to fight against COVID 19,

What will you tell them ?

 Claregalway GAA Club.

***All volunteers should ensure they are not in at “At Risk” group themselves. All work will be carried out in accordance with the current best practice guidelines from the state.***


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